Documentary : Project Semporna [Part 1]

Semporna Island is located at the east coast of Sabah, mainly populated by the sea gypsies. It's mostly famous for scuba diving but the islands are really beautiful too. It's not really a touristy place to go for vacation but if you like a bit of adventure like i do , you've got to try this out.

This documentary is a collaboration of J-Tan photography , Borneo Nature Pix , Red Room Productions and me. I was assigned on the video part this time with Jeremy Teo from Red Room Productions. Our idea is simply just to share with you all the beauty of Semporna Islands.

Here's a trailer of what's about to come.

to share a bit of our insight , we have made a few episodes of Project Semporna Behind The scene. (forgive me for the lame jokes?)

Episode #1

Episode #2

For photos from behind the scene (taken by Gary Albert) , check it out here >>

There will be more videos coming up soon, stay tuned!