Music : Paperplane Pursuit.

It's always pleasure to know there is someone who trust your creativity. John from Paperplane Pursuit is one of them. I was approach to be their director of photography although i have never done any proper music video before but they trusted me.

The first music video i have done for them is called 'Good Bye'

You might have seen this video in Hitz.Tv or heard it from FlyFm before. I was quite happy how the video turn out as all the shots were able to tell the story.

About few months back , they decided to get me to shoot their latest music video 'Forward'

'Forward' is one of the best video that i have done so far, i still find it hard to accept how good it turn out to be.

One thing i have learned after doing both of this music videos : it is never easy to break out from your normal routine and try something new but once you push yourself through it , you will just get better and better. Forward is the only way to go.

** all the photos are taken by Joni from Cherrygoround . Thanks Joni!